Established in 1981 by industry veteran Jay Gutierrez as Homecare Medical Associates, the company was originally founded with the sole objective of providing respiratory therapy equipment and oxygen for homecare patients. Shortly after its founding, Homecare Medical’s scope expanded with the addition of ambulatory equipment, making the company a full-line durable medical equipment provider.

The company received Joint Commission accreditation during the late 1980s, expanding our relationships with large HMOs and other payer sources, and exponentially expanding our reach. In 1996, Homecare Medical Associates was acquired by a national, publicly traded DME company. The organization operated under this national brand for 7 years before returning to its independent, family-oriented, small business roots as American HomeCare Equipment.

Today we are one of the largest independently owned medical equipment providers in the state. Servicing the tri-county South Florida area, the majority of our loyal customers are referred to us through hospital discharge procedures, home health agencies, and physicians. We continue to expand with the help of our new partner and investor Liliane Borgman Fuhrman. As we move forward, we seek to continually improve upon the quality of our products and services, while staying true to our history and our roots.


Commitment: We are committed to providing the best possible service and care to our patients. We are dedicated to leveraging our experience, knowledge, and skills in support of our patients needs.

Loyalty: We are loyal to our referral sources, who have trusted us for more than three decades. We are devoted to our patients and seek to build meaningful relationships with them and their caregivers.

Empowerment: We seek to strengthen others through advocacy, professionalism, and excellence. Dependability: We are there for you for any and all of your daily needs.
Excellence: We strive for excellence in all our endeavors as individuals and as a team.


We are committed to providing the highest quality customer service and delivering a wide range of specialty medical products to ensure the best care for patients in our community.


To be the number one, preferred medical equipment supplier in South Florida through quality service, passionate staff, the integrity of our work, and the loyalty of our patients.

The Team

Jay Gutierrez
Chief Executive Officer
Liliane Fuhrman
Luis Sologuren
Chief Operating Officer
Aaron Fuhrman
Project Manager
Frank Perez
Greg Santana
David Badia
Account Executive
Patricia Moreno
Market Analyst