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  • PAP Products:

    Food and Drug Administration (FDA) classify CPAP/Bi-PAP/Bi-Level machines, complete assembled CPAP masks and humidifiers as Class II Medical Devices that require a copy of the prescription be on file prior to shipping your order to any U.S. address.

    Please note we set the therapy devices (CPAPs) to the settings listed on the prescription prior to shipping. If pressure adjustments need to be made in the future, this can be done through the SD card provided with your machine. Simply send us an updated prescription and your SD card and it will be programmed for you. Once you get the SD card back from us, simply insert it into the device to update the settings.

    Oxygen Products:

    Like other medications, supplemental oxygen is a medical treatment and treatment is specific to the user. Your doctor may prescribe an oxygen flow rate, as well as the length of time you should use the oxygen each day.