Cpap Transcend Auto Travel Mini

Transcend mini CPAP is a fully-featured CPAP device designed for your mobile lifestyle. Transcend is extremely quiet
for its small size. Engineered with a vibration-free blower, Transcend
only makes 26.6 dBA of sound. Weighing less than one pound, easy to pack
and carry for your next night away from home. One of its biggest differentiators
from any other CPAP on the market, Transcend has two battery options, a solar battery charger and a DC mobile power adaptor, giving unmatched power options that support
therapy on the go. From your desktop, up to the cloud, TranSync™ makes it easy for CPAP users to track and share their therapy data.

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Size (L×W×H): 6.9in×3.5in×2.8in
Weight: 0.9lbs

$499.00 $349.00