Pixi Pediatric Mask

The Pixi Pediatric CPAP Mask is designed specifically for use by children age two and above.
During development of the Pixi, the child and the caregiver’s needs were kept in mind, aiming to improve the comfort and acceptance of the therapy as well as the safety of the child.
The Pixi offers three adjustment positions, all designed to be fit from an adult’s point of view, which accommodates the growth of the child

Cushion Design
The Pixi offers a single-wall, light weight, soft, silicone cushion to minimize pressure on the child’s face without affecting the mask’s seal.

Quick Release Latch
The headgear for the Pixi offers the ease to remove the child’s mask quickly during sleep or in the event of an emergency.
The quick-release latch retains the headgear settings.

Lightweight Headgear
The headgear is lightly colored and is made of Breathe-O-Prene, a lightweight, subtle material.
The headgear is designed to rest away from the eyes to avoid vision restrictions and irritation.

Adjustable Tube
The tube can be attached to either side of the cushion to adjust to sleeping position.
The spring-flex, lightweight tubing that can bend and stretch to prevent getting caught while sleeping.

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